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Halloween was such a success! For Lilly's Halloween photo she was Mona Lisa aka Mona Lilly. LOL loved it, its so dead on. And then for trick-or-treating she was Princess Leia, so it was only right for me to be a modern Queen Amidala (Leia's mom in star wars lol). She got so much candy!! We had the Imperial March blasting while she was walking around it was EPIC. It was her first time really enjoying Halloween since shes not a little baby anymore, she was running around , and only she got to ring doorbells, unless she was too short, it was the only time she would turn around and ask for help lol. 
The highlight of halloween for us was the fact that Lilly made it onto KTVU chanbnel 2 news. I WAS SO EXCITED lol. Like literal screaming. Such a proud mommy. (I Attached the Video)

Last Year's Halloween Photo - Frida Lilly

This Year - Mona Lilly