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Recently, I've been posting Lilly's everyday lunches I pack her for school and people have been showing a lot of love and have a lot of questions about them.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to pack Lilly's lunches "bento style." I love the different little compartments/separators for her food. It makes it fun to eat for picky eaters and makes the food seem more inviting. I would say its easier for the parent and child - just a quick rinse clean up, no fuss with zip-locks or other containers that just end up in the trash.

I've done a lot of research for these kid-friendly bento boxes, and I just wanted to share with other parents and anyone interested in this bento style lunch.

Main things I was searching for when buying her bento boxes were:
  • Spill-Proof - not for soups or anything, but more sure separators so her foods don't fuse or mix.
  • "Kid-Friendly" - meaning she could easily open it herself without help.
  • Stylish-ness - for those who know me and Lilly, our aesthetic is definitely a must.
  • Size - I like putting different things in her lunch, so I for sure needed space to accommodate that.

So with that, I came across THREE bento boxes that had everything I was looking for. Here is the list of the three that I love accompanied by the links to where you can get them.

1. SNUG Lunch Box - $17.99
Click Here to Buy.
Amazon offers them in Grey, Blue, and Fuchsia. This is the lunch box I used in the pictures above. Great for kids and adults.

2. YumBox - $28.00
Click Here to buy this Pink one. Click Here to view all of them.
Yumbox has multiple options on their website from the snack size to full lunch. They also offer many different colors to suit any style from the outer case to the little tray inserts.

3. BentGo Kids - $27.99 (org. $39.99)
Click Here to buy this Purple one. Click Here to view others.
This one comes in Purple, Blue, and Green.

Hopefully this helps you on your journey to fill up your kids' bellies and in some cases your own belly. I will be regularly posting pictures of Lilly's daily lunches on my Instagram so keep up on those. I also plan on soon sharing some lunch ideas that pair perfectly with these bentos. Thanks for reading!