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Today marks an important day to me and to a lot of fellow wombyn. I have a lot of things I could go on about Women Empowerment, but I will TRY to keep this fairly short.

Many people have different views about women and feminism annnnd I get it. The word is thrown around a lot nowadays. Being a mother of a little girl, it changes a lot more of my female views. The world isn't always so forgiving and understanding. I want to help her grow to be a Strong Woman, to be able to do what she wants, without her having to second guess anything. We are obviously a kind that goes against the norm. Everyday I just want to show her that's okay. The norm will be the norm, but I want her to confidently grow into who she wants to be, without anyone having to oppress her. She is already such a strong-minded little girl who knows what she wants (I think I'm doing pretty good haha).

Aside from the mother duties - I get many other woman of all ages always sending me messages saying that I'm an inspiration to them, and to me that is SOO wild. To hear from someone that they look up to me is a very humbling feeling. It makes me for sure think I'm doing something right as "just a girl."

Storytime -I remember back when I used to work in a shop in 2010. I was 18, and full time tattooing. Always normally VERY booked (nothing new lol). Straight out of high school and feeling so successful for an 18 year old female tattoo artist. Making great money just from my art alone. It was great. One afternoon I was waiting for my next appointment to arrive, I was sitting at the front desk for a little; and an older man strolls in, he says to me very uninterestedly, "Hi, can I speak to a Tattoo artist?" excitedly I responded, "Yeah! Hi I'm a tattoo artist!" He looked me up and down and quickly said, "but you're a GIRL, can I speak to a Real Tattoo Artist!?" I did not, I repeat NOT know how to even process what this person even said to me. I didn't know how to feel. I had nothing to say - but I know how i felt. That was one of the very first real times that I felt discrimination for being a woman. From that day on I knew why I was here. Being in a very male-dominated industry, I knew why I was doing what I'm doing now. I knew what I stood for. It felt good that people doubted me, but I always proved otherwise.

I've met many inspiring wombyn along the way of life (I don't have pictures with all of them and the list could go a mile) and so very thankful to have done so. Without my many experiences whether up or down, I wouldn't be the woman I am today.