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This year, Lilly turned the big 5! Half way to 10 and I was freaking out a little. But enough of the almost mom-sentimental-breakdown stuff before I ball my eyes out. It was hard for us to decide on a theme for her birthday because she likes so much cool stuff! We ended up narrowing down and decided on, "My Neighbor Totoro!" It was PERFFFFFECT.
It hasn't been done a lot so there weren't too many references to work from, so the imagination really had to come in. I liked how not many people have done the theme before, and I can't wait till Lilly can look back on it! 

It was the first year we weren't celebrating at my parents house! We ended up celebrating it in a really nice scenic park in Berkeley, called Codornices(If you haven't been, GO! big giant slide.). It fit the theme perfect because it was surrounded by tall trees and foliage, it was so green, and since Totoro was the Keeper-of-The-Forest, perf. I was hesitant at first to do the park party thing, due to all the things you cannot predict, weather, space, etc. LUCKILY, everything worked in our favor! Sunny, not too breezy, and we got the spot I wanted, in the main field! We woke up super early just ti make sure we got the spot hah. (we had to wait a little bit because there was a soccer thing and church group, literally at like 8am, but even tho I started set up at like 1pm hence the party being at 2:00, it still worked out fine, with a little stress! lol.) 

 I made all the sweets and her Tototo cake, it was all so cute and turned out exactly how I imagined on the sweets table! I was trying to give google some substance for the "totoro birthday" search, since there barely was anything on it yet hah. We made a huge Totoro out of wood, people were just taking so many pictures with it! It was is funny because of how much it was Totoro. The decorations were so perfect, people were walking by asking if it was a wedding lol. I even made her, her own Snapchat Geofilter for her party! Yes Ive heard it before,  I'm "extra" hahaha. 

 All said and done, the turn out was amazing, another thank you to everyone who came and made her day so special! She had a bunch of friends and family to party it up with her. I pretty much didn't even get to see her all day because she was too busy! At the end of the day, during the car ride home she couldn't start raving about the party. We did good! 

 Here are some captures from the day!

Was able to pull her away from play for sec to take some pictures.

Below, was her Snapchat Geofilter for the party!

Last but not least, the cute party souveniers! Made little potted succulents with a little Soot Gremlin watching over! (Oh and the little scrolls that came with each was a thank you and care instructions! lol)

It was really a great birthday. My little one is getting not-so-little anymore. I love her so much, she's absolutely everything.