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Lilly and I on her first day back to school!

Welp fellow parentals, you guys know what time it is, its back to school. Although I know there are parents out there who have been counting the days for their kids to go back to school, I've been dreading it. I'm going to miss hanging out with her all day everyday, even when we aren't doing anything at all. She's been excited to go back and see all her friends and meet some new friends! She's got a new Totoro backpack and everything. Oh, and I forgot to mention she's officially a Kindergartener! I know, I can't believe it either. She will be attending her current Montessori still, she loves it there. Cant wait to see her excel in this school year!

Lilly's Outfit Deets
She's currently obsessed with these Mid-rise cropped wide-leg pants. She LOVES them. Its hard to put her in anything but. They're super comfy and soft. I will be making her more or something, since  its so hard to find these in her size. 
Top: Beastie Boy Tee | Target
Outerwear: Fluffy Cardigan | H&M
Shoes: Sk8-Hi | Vans